Burndown at Sundown 2018 | Route 66 Raceway in Joliet IL


I saw a Groupon online, early into the summer and this looked like a good time. I’m a sucker for great photography and the photos I saw for the event were epic. They totally sold the show! We bought ours up… and told our good friends so they could make a night of it with us too!

I was really looking forward July 14th because I couldn’t wait for the Burndown at Sundown at the Joliet Route 66 Raceway, but I knew that by the time we had arrived at the date of the event, we would had already plowed through the larger portion of our summer; and that made me sad. Oh, that “summer time sadness” that punches me in the gut every year like clockwork.  (thanks for putting your version of it into words Lana Del Rey!) After posting about it the week it hit me hard, I was relieved to know that I wasn’t alone.

I have no idea how he found it in him to fall asleep during any of this! EVEN WITH EAR PLUGS… it was LOUD!

… and we ran into one of Eliza’s best friends at the race! 

It’s funny how we miss so many things right before our eyes. Part of the reason I decided to start blogging again about things to do in the area is because of how many posts I see on FB  looking for recommendations for things to do in the Plainfield area. I’ve spent the last 19 years in Plainfield raising our tribe of Ferenzi’s.  I’ve turned over a lot of stones in the area… and I’m always looking for more! 


I forgot that we probably should have brought ear plugs. The smaller time trials weren’t as loud, but my years of concertgoing reminded me that hearing loss is bad; and once the funny cars started up, and ultimately the jet cars hit the track, it was necessary! A quick trip to the merch truck had us sitting pretty. We could still feel the LOUD pound in our chests without ringing in our ears. 

Events at the Joliet Route 66 Raceway are posted at the beginning of every race season. We had such a great time, hopefully you do next year too!


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