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One of my childhood dreams was to have an entire bowl of cookie dough, all to myself.

Honesly, I had no idea that eating raw cookie dough was even legal; but that was before I knew about Cookie Dough Creations!

Cookie Dough Creations

Did you know that you can have brownie batter, sugar cookie, cake batter, oreo, and peanut butter cookie dough by the spoonful?  You won’t get worms; and you won’t die of samonella… and you can blissfully eat raw dough and batter by the spoonfull without the haunting parental guilt of developing any digestive diseases.

You might gain a bit of weight by patronizing too frequently, but thankfully, death isn’t waiting for you on the other side of your dessert! I’m actually thankful that we live just far enough away to prevent our trips from becoming habitual. Fair warning to any cookie dough rookies out there; yes, there is such a thing as too much cookie dough. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Cookie Dough Creations

In addition to cookie dough, they also have a large selection of ice cream, milk shakes, and sundaes. There’s a lot of pressure in deciding between cookie dough and ice-cream, so it’s perfectly respectible to go for the cookie dough topped ice cream option. My pick is always the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, but that doesn’t stop me from stealing a nibble of whatever my kids have ordered. My son Eric is just like me, he always goes for his old stand-by, Brownie Batter, but the rest of my kids switch it up every time we go, so there’s always a mix of sampling to be done.

Stop by Cookie Dough Creations the next time you’re in downtown Naperville. It’s like getting permission to lick the bowl, over and over and over and over…


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