2018 Plainfield Trick or Treat Hours

2018 Plainfield Trick or Treat Hours & Neighboring Communities: 

Plainfield: 4 – 8
Bolingbrook: 4 – 7
Shorewood: 4  -7
Joliet: 4 – 7
Crest Hill: 4 – 8
Romeoville: 4 – 7
Oswego: 3:30 – 8
Aurora: 4 – 7:30
Lisle: 3 – 8
Wheaton: 3 – 7

It’s almost Halloween, and the kids can’t wait to get out there and Trick or Treat this Wednesday. I have to admit that I’m probably just as excited! It’s long been one of my favorite holidays and it brings back great memories of my childhood Halloween memories from the 80’s. Our kids will never know what it’s like to wear a plastic mask or stretch a vinyl jumpsuit on over their clothes… or what a homemade Halloween costume really looked like (before moms could make them on their Cricut machines, lol). 

It pretty much went like this… 

And the Halloween commercials on t.v. were the best! 


I couldn’t wait for the “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” special to play during prime time. We didn’t have things like DVR’s back then, so you had to be sure to make plans to be home to watch them live. If you were lucky, and you had a VCR, you could try to set it to record, but that was really taking your chances with the technology of the day. Prime time holiday specials were really a treat for our generation. And I bet most people will never have heard of my absolute favorite Halloween movie (unless they happen to be Tim Curry fans… or had the HBO cable channel as a kid) but the The Worst Witch will always be the best in my book! 

Leave your favorite Halloween memories in the comments!


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