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Every year our family makes a summer bucket list of things we want to do, and places we plan to visit local for some Plainfield family fun. We try to mix it up a bit so the kids stay excited about the things we plan. This year my husand took the lead in making sure we didn’t “run out of summer” and bought our family tickets to a Chicago Fire game over the 4th of July weekend. We had great seats and it was a great game against New York City. It was even better when Chicago Fire won 3-2!

Toyota Park is just 31 miles from Plainfield, and without traffic… is less than an hour to the stadium.

It was hotter than the devils armpit the night we went. They let us bring in 1 bottle of water per person because of the heat index warning that day… and it didn’t help much at all. I still ended up buying drinks that had ice because it was sweat drenching heat even after the sun went down.

We are huge soccer fans, and all of my kids have played soccer. We snuck in a few baseball players over the years, but soccer has been our mainstay. Except for our youngest. Eliza just joins sports for the uniforms and costumes, lol.


The Chicago Fire Season doesn’t end until late in October and there are plenty of opportunities to catch a game this season! Check the schedule and get your tickets for some local Plainfield family fun. If you love soccer, you will love this team, this stadium, and the experience!

Stay tuned for some more local advice on where to be this summer for the most local fun!

We live & love local… and I will bring it all back to you!


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Posted on July 13, 2018 at 4:27 pm
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