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“Hey kids! What do you want to do today?!”

If there is one thing I have learned from my 20 years of being a mom to 6 kids… it’s thisNEVER say those words!

Never. Not ever. Unless you like ending up in hopeless debates with little people for hours. Debates that end up in stand-offs, which ultimately lead to tantrums or staying home and doing something boring like yardwork, or laundry.

I don’t know why my husband keeps breaking this rule (like every single weekend), because you’d think that by now, he’d follow this one simple suggestion: offer two options. “Would you rather go to the park or go on a walk?” That’s it. It’s simple. Kids vote, and the majority rules.

Nope. Never happens that way when dad does holds the family meeting. I love him to death, but will he ever learn?

Since our 2 oldest were working today, the hubs asked our 4 youngest… (and myself), what we wanted to do today.

He got 5 different answers:  Great America, Haunted Trails, DuPage County Fair, The Brookfield Zoo, The Morton Arboretum… and my vote for the fair was knocked down the hardest, which made me crabby for the next 2 hours, lol. I knew we could do any of the other stuff anytime, but the fair was ending today. I finally came around after we found a Groupon for Haunted Trails and took the 3 youngest Ferenzi’s there for the day.

I mean… you can’t be crabby driving a Go-Kart. Or playing Skee-ball. Or cashing in tickets for prizes, right?


I’m so thankful she’s already a careful driver! I still have 10 years to go!!!

… and then there’s the prize wall:


I had to put my “kid goggles” back on, to remember the magnificene of this kind of moment, and I remembered why all 3 of them wanted it all!

Logic takes over in a situations like this at the store, and we pass on over-priced items we know we can buy cheaper somewhere else, but suddenly winning takes on a bigger meaning when it comes in the form of tickets and prizes; even if the adjusted price of a candy bar forms the equation of : winning = the price of “struggling” to win + the high rate of arcade-inflation.

And remember the agony of selecting your prize? Oh, the feels! 

Eliza was carefully planning her choices at the prize counter…

And there were so many games to choose from! And then both Jason and Eliza won some extra tickets from a game that paid out big!

And we didn’t plan on it, but we ended up playing mini-golf again! 

I guess my years of mini-golf aversion are finally over. The kids are big fans, and I have a feeling this has become a new summer tradition.

Leo didn’t realize it at the time, but the Ring Pop he won at the prize counter is part of the new “Tongue Painted” collection. His lips matched his shirt, and there was no going back. He was upset that we had to go to Walmart for some necessities after our adventures, blue lips and all…  but thankfully, the baby wipes I keep in the car reduced some of the blue and running errands after our day at Haunted Trails went off without a hitch.

Finding things to do in Plainfield and the surrounding areas isn’t hard for me to do, but I remember when I didn’t have a clue on where to find the fun. After living here for 20 years, I love helping others find the joy of living in the area!

Oh, and they do great birthday parties. We’ve had a few, and been to many. If you’re looking for a great place to host a birthday party any time of year, they do a great job!

And while we didn’t meet here, Tony and I officially met at their sister location Enchanted Castle in Lombard… at the Karoke stage in 8th grade.  Who knew that by the time we were 40 we would have been married for 19 years, with 6 kids!

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